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Lending Trends Post COVID-19 : Part I

This is Part I of an analysis in lending trends since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business and live our lives. Here is a sneak peek of the early trends we are seeing.

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Demographic and Behavioral Insights: Part I

This insight will dive into a few facts and myths around the use of mobile applications for banking and lending.

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How Pre-Qualification Tech is Changing Lending Economics

Let us take a look at how Consumer Lending Economics is being changed by the use of Pre-Qualification technology. This insight will present arguments backed by stats and a real world example.

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Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z… Everyone Wants To Open Their Bank Account 100% Remotely Now

To deliver what customers have come to expect, Banks and Credit Unions must innovate and make smart technology choices. There is no better way to compete with Neobanks and Big Banks.

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"Top 20 Leading Companies in 2019"

"Top 8 Fintechs For Credit Unions"

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