Lending & Account Opening Re-imagined

An Omni-channel platform that streamlines your journey from application to close.

  • Lending with "No Credit Impact"
  • Instant Account Opening
  • Personalized Cross-Sell Offers
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Transactions Processed

A complete end to end solution

Instant offers. No credit impact.

Pre-qualify your borrowers for a loan in minutes. CreditSnap's lending platform comes with soft inquiry technology, next-generation digital experience, and an intelligent cross-sell engine.

LOS and Core Integration

Our cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly with your current LOS and Core systems - ensuring your underwriting systems and core processes are not impacted.

Instant Self Service Features

An array of self-serve features such as - Anti-Fraud Systems, eSignatures, KYC, Income Verification, and many more streamlines customer journey from start to finish.

Intelligent Cross-Sell Engine

Enables you to present customers with relevant loan offers during the Account Opening and Lending process.

Deliver a modern lending experience to your borrowers with instant offers.
30% or more lift in applications + improved look-to-book ratio = accelerated loan growth.

Soft Inquiry = “No Credit Impact”

Innovative lending experience allows you to deliver a highly marketable “No Credit Impact To Check Your Rates” capability to your borrowers. More borrowers + better credit quality = More Loans.

Instant Offers

Instant Add-on Product Quotes

Fraud  Detection

LOS Integration

Real-Time Core On-boarding

Personalized Cross-Sell Offers

In-session eSignatures

An industry first solution that can take your member from application all the way to real-time core onboarding in under 10 minutes.

Product Bundling

Choice to select one or multiple (bundling) account types in one single application: Checking, Saving, Money Market , High Yield, Investment accounts and more.

Instant ID Verification/KYC

In-session eSignatures

Instant Account Funding

Real-Time Core On-boarding

Personalized Cross-Sell Offers

Membership-Eligibility Rules

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Let us talk about profitable Loan growth and Membership growth.

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Let us talk about profitable Loan growth and Membership growth.

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