Gesa, second largest credit union in the state of WA, goes live with CreditSnap

San Antonio, Texas, USA, August 10, 2020
Gesa Credit Union went live with CreditSnap pre-qualification powered lending experience for its Credit Cards products. CreditSnap is an award winning fintech company that provides lending and account opening platform to banks and credit unions as a white labeled product, announced today that the company has closed an undisclosed amount in strategic seed round investment from one of its earliest adopter, Tresl. Tresl is a market-leading, multi-lender Fintech that connects consumers with beneficial financial resources. After realizing +100% improvement in look-to-book ratio as well as improved customer satisfaction with CreditSnap’s technology, Tresl decided to invest in CreditSnap as well as joining hands with CreditSnap to further democratize this technology and serve the needs of the Bank and Credit Union community.

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About CreditSnap
CreditSnap, a FinTech consumer lending platform, aims to democratize soft inquiry based lending and account opening technology for small and large credit unions and banks. With instant offers, real time collateral valuation, next generation mobile responsive experience, loan offer customization, LOS and Core Integrations, and more, CreditSnap is the first digital enablement platform that allows Banks and Credit Unions to achieve digital enablement and customer experience goals without changing their current tech stack. CreditSnap has processed more than 480,000 loan and account opening applications for its Bank, Credit Union and Finetch customers.

About Gesa
Gesa From modest beginnings in 1953, Gesa Credit Union has grown from a part-time office operating out of a shoebox to the second largest credit union in Washington state, serving over 250,000 members around the world. Gesa has a rich history of providing financial services to Washington state.